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Track Boss Products is a line of speciality products designed in house, and manufactured in-house or manufactured for us as an exclusive product. We are always adding more products as we see needs in the industry.
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Track Boss Cleveland Block

Track Boss Cleveland Block will be available in CGI iron and aluminum.

*** (2) FREE Track Boss T-shirts with every block purchased***

The Boss is Back!!
We also took delivery of (2) TB9.2ALB (Track Boss Cleveland block 9.2" deck height) It is wonderful to finally have my hands on "our" block now.

We will retain the original look of a Cleveland block. But the insides are something else.

We have added extra material to make the mains solid. We have also added extra material for the 1-piece rear main seal. Even for those drag race guys, we have extra material for mounting a Chevy starter. There will still be some tweaking to do yet, but we have a great start. The first block will be our "guinea pig" Once we have done all of the machining, it will be sliced up and inspected for proper machining locations.

We have a 3-4 extra features that we will be sharing down the road, so share with your friends and other web sites and stay tuned. In the words of David Weiss, (President of R&D at Eck Industries, our foundry) "This will be the strongest block on the market"

Block externally looks very close to the OE block, we are making it a priority to maintain the original Cleveland block look.

Upgrades to the Track Boss Cleveland Block
*Solid bulk head
*Splayed flat bottom 4-bolt billet main caps
*1-piece rear main seal
*4.180"-4.200" potential bore size, CGI potential 4.230" or so.
*9.200", 9.350" & 9.500" maybe possible deck height to start with...
*With or without fuel pump provision
*"square" or "D" casting on timing cover-option
*302 main size-option
*Solid water jacket
*Stock Cleveland, 55MM cam & Windsor cam use options, 60MM coming.
*42/46 lifter angle-option
*option to change casting date & codes
*Lightening program for CGI

Here is our time line...

Track Boss Cleveland block-Aluminum
**(1) fixture is finished, need (2) others made. (For the best accuracy, we want to make the fixtures on the machine they will be used on)
**Need to acquire tooling & tool holders. We have over 100 CAT40 tool holders, but the machine was mid-represented to have a CAT40 tooling, but found out it is a BT40.
**1st of our (2) blocks we have on hand will be machined, and then sliced up to confirm casting locations & machining location.
**If casting looks correct at this point, we will then officially take deposit on the aluminum blocks and proceed with having a couple dozen casting produced.
**2nd block on hand will then be machined and be sold as block #1
(2-3 months)

Track Boss Cleveland block- Iron
**Once the new order of aluminum casting are finished, a few tooling changes will be made for iron blocks. the major changes have been made, so the only changes that will be made is for the use with iron material.
**Similar to the first few aluminum blocks, we will have a couple sample block cast so we can machine and slice to again confirm castings.
**Again, as long as the samples look correct, we will then start taking deposits for the iron block.
(2-3 months)

We have a full time CNC machinist, so we are dedicated to producing our Track Boss product.
We appreciate your patience, we feel very confident that once everything is running & proven, we will be able to keep up with
demand. Foundry time line is the biggie that we will have to contend with.

Track Boss Cleveland block update Nov. 1st...

Fixture for opp#1 is almost finished. Fixtures for opp#2 & 3 are already finished. Tomorrow the last few pieces will be here to officially attached it to the pallet.
I predict we will be making aluminum chips by Thursday or Friday at the latest. Pictures & video will follow, infact we will probably post daily on the progress of this project.
We are very happy to announce that NHRA has approved the Iron Track Boss Cleveland Block for Stock & SS classes.

I have received questions regarding the pricing.
Until we have machined a few blocks, the pricing will be a moving target.
Please keep in mind these prices are rough estimates.
CGI Iron blocks-$3250-$3750
Aluminum blocks-$5500-$6250

If you are interested in more information, please click on the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page and send us an email.
We are NOT taking any deposits at this time.
Those on our waiting list will receive emails that will keep them updated on the current status.

Intake Manifold
Our Price: $15.00

***Until we have the new casting, we are not %100 sure of the price. Approx $495***

Track Boss Intake manifold-Single Plane design
351 Track Boss is currently having new casting manufactured.
If you place an order, we will not take any money, but we will put your name down
on our waiting list.
Track Boss T-shirt
Our Price: $18.00

Track Boss T-shirt
Short Sleeve Gildan Ultra Cotton Charcoal
$2 for XX-Large & $4 for XXX-Large will be added.

***Inventory should be in by January 1st, we will then ship all orders***
Pilot Bushing
Our Price: $21.00

Special Pilot Bushing-Bronze material
1.375 OD X .590" ID X .750" long

Use this bushing in your Ford crankshaft when using a GM transmission.
Extended design also give another 1/4" of support.
Cambearing Set
Our Price: $49.00

Stock type cam bearing with groove on back of bearing for oil.

Grooved Cam Bearing Tech Help
Cambearing Set
Our Price: $49.00

Stock type cam bearing with groove on back of bearing for oil.

Grooved Cam Bearing Tech Help
Our Price: $59.99

2-piece engine cradle, heavy duty. fits 351M & 400 engines
Cambearing Set
Our Price: $61.00

"385" Engine family. Our cam bearing is wider than the OE cam bearing and feature a groove on back of bearing for oil.

Grooved Cam Bearing Tech Help
Cambearing Set
Our Price: $64.00

Performance type cam bearing with groove on back of bearing for oil.

Grooved Cam Bearing Tech Help
Cambearing Set
Our Price: $64.00

Performance type cam bearing with groove on back of bearing for oil.

Grooved Cam Bearing Tech Help